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Hiring a Tucson Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Here is the thing, debt is allocated through our whole lives. Whether you own a business and that business has debt, or you are an individual who was going through a difficult time and acquired a lot of debt, you could need to file for bankruptcy in Tucson. When you are an individual who is needing to go through the bankruptcy process you will want to speak with a lawyer to ensure you know what chapter you want to file for. Typically, chapter 13 is the chapter you should be filing for, but the Tucson bankruptcy law firm, Eric Ollason Attorney at Law LLC will help you make sure it is the right choice. Bankruptcy is a way for you to repay your debts and get a fresh start on your life.


Even if you and your neighbor are both filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy the filing process will be different. Which is why hiring a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Tucson can be your best decision. You want to be sure that you are filing correctly to ensure you are not getting yourself into more trouble. This chapter allows people who have a steady income to find a way to repay their debts. The best way to determine if you do qualify for this chapter is to contact, Eric Ollason Attorney at Law LLC a Tucson bankruptcy law firm, they will sit down with you and discuss your situation. They also want you to be making the right choices, and that is why they will listen to everything you have to say.