Recognizing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

By | January 27, 2016

A hostile environment which any employee feels uncomfortable due to the actions or words of a co-worker or an employer, usually of a sexual nature. An employee that’s offended can make a sexual harassment claim.

Notifying your company’s human resources department, and consult a lawyer, are the key first steps you should take. Still you should document the situation. Keep track of the times and details of every event.

Another way in which a lawyer, Choe Law Firm, APC, will be of much help in deciding the possibility of other illegal acts, such as discrimination, have taken place apart from the sexual harassments. This is fairly common, and will strengthen your case, as well as making you eligible for additional settlements.

Sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles, Choe Law Firm, APC, has experience to determine if yours got valid claim, whether other illegal sexual acts took place, and how best to present your case for the maximum recovery. It’s not a very easy or a pleasant matter to handle, but if you are victim, then you actually deserve compensation. Let a lawyer helps you to get it.

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