Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer

By | February 21, 2022

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you have options for help.  A Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer can provide you with assistance in protecting yourself, your children and your property. Your attorney will be dedicated to helping you attain a domestic abuse restraining order against the abuser.


Abuse is any behavior that physically or verbally harms another person or threatens them in some way. Physical injuries are not necessary for something to be considered domestic abuse, but the threat of harm or emotional abuse can be just as damaging.


Both men and women can be domestic violence victims. The abuser may use weapons, poison or household items to intimidate his victim. Some abusers take their domestic violence actions outside of the home; for example, they might threaten their victim at work or stalk them.


Domestic abuse can be physical or emotional. The Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer may help you seek a domestic abuse restraining order to prevent the abuser from harming you again.


Some signs of domestic abuse include:


– insults, humiliation and degradation


– breaking objects that belong to the victim


– sleep deprivation


– forced sex acts or sexual assault


If you need help, call Harris Family Law Group a family law firm in Los Angeles. They can help you with your different legal options.


Harris Family Law Group, LLP  is a domestic violence attorney who can help you obtain domestic abuse restraining orders. The L.A domestic violence lawyer will do what is best to protect your family and keep you safe from future domestic abuse attacks.


Call Harris Family Law Group today for more information about your legal options and how they can assist you.

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