Fathers Have Rights and They Are Important For The Children

By | May 8, 2016

Mothers typically were awarded custody in the past just because they were the Mother. However, Courts are now looking at what is better for the children and that means that Fathers are winning custody in up to 75% of cases where they petition the court.

Land Whitmarsh LLP has proven that it is important for children to have their Father be involved in their lives. Courts have the option of awarding different types of custody, such as sole custody or joint custody with visitation being awarded to the non custodial parent. More and more Fathers are seeking joint custody at a minimum and some are winning sole custody with visitation for the Mother. The more children can have both parents involved in their lives, the better.

When it comes to custody issues the best interest of the children is how the court determines who should have custody. Joint custody with equal time shared between the parents is almost always the best for the children. If this is not possible, then sole custody with liberal visitation is next best, as long as the children have both parents as much as possible and fathers rights are protected. If you are looking for a father’s rights lawyer, you should call Land Whitmarsh LLP, they have the experiance you need to win the case.

Facing a custody issue? Courts realize how important the Father is to the proper development of children and are now making this issue a big part of their custody rulings. Take a look at your personal situation and make sure the court has a reason to award joint or sole custody in your favor. The child’s future development will be greatly enhanced when their Father is part of their daily lives.

Whatever your particular situation may be, think of the children first. Think about all of the positive experiences you can provide for them by being present in their daily lives. Thinking of how much you have to offer to them is the first step in doing the right thing. Regardless of their current ages, you can help prepare them for their adult lives by being present now. Your concern for their best interests and their well being is something they will appreciate for the rest of their lives. Land Whitmarsh LLP is an experianced family law firm located in Los Angeles.

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